Hey seniors! Your senior photo sessions are coming up soon, and I’m sure you have a lot of questions! To make things a little easier for you, I’ve put together a list of commom questions I get.

Q: What time of day is best to shoot?

A: The best time to shoot is a few hours after sunrise or a few hours before sunset! Because of this, I schedule most of my sessions in the morning or evening. If you are thinking of doing your shoot in an urban area (such as Minneapolis), consider booking a morning session. The streets won’t be as crowded, which means more possibilities for backgrounds, and you won’t have as much of an audience watching you pose!

Q: I’m not very photogenic, will my photos look awkward?

A: First, you are probably WAY more photogenic than you think. Second, its important to remember that for most seniors, their senior session is their first time being in front of the camera too. No one knows what they are doing at first, but it is my job to guide you through it! I will help you with poses, hand placement, angles, and everything! I promise by the end you will have the hang of it and feel like a model 🙂

Q: What time of year do you shoot Senior sessions?

A: I do senior sessions Mon-Fri June-September. But I have limited spaces in August and September. If you are looking to book a session later in the summer, contact me right away! They fill up fast!!!

Q: How much will my photos cost?

A: Your photos are included in the total price of your senior session package. I do not charge for individual photographs. The price of your package is the ONLY amount you will pay. There are no hidden costs or fees!

Q: How will my photos be delivered?

A: Your photos will be delivered through an online gallery. You will be able to download as many photos as you want, as many times as you want. I will provide a PIN number that will need to be entered before downloading photos and the gallery can be made private upon request. The photos will remain online for 1 year. I DO NOT provide physical prints, only digital copies.

Q: How long before I get my photos?

A: On average, it takes 2 weeks for me to finish editing a senior session. It depends all on what type of senior session it is and how many others I’m working on at that tine.

Q: What should I wear?

A: I always recommend you wear something you feel confident in! That could mean going shopping to buy something new or wearing a favorite outfit you already own! Stay away from patterns that are too busy, as they will distract from your beautiful face. Solid neutrals are always a go-to! If you are doing more than one outfit, mix it up by wearing different styles! Incorporate a dress, pants, long sleeves, short sleeves, a romper, etc. And ladies, NO SHORTS! Trust me on that one.

Q: Can I bring someone with to my session?

A: Of course! You can always bring a guest along to your session, as long as they are supportive and make you feel more comfortable. Guests can bring life and laughter to shoots! But, if you will feel awkward posing in front of them or are just uncomfortable with their presence, it might be best if they stay at home!

Q: How do I decide on a location?

A: I will help you with that! Let me know what kind of location you are looking for, and I promise to find the perfect spot! I have a lot of experience shooting in different locations and scouting for new ones. I’m sure I will find one that fits your unique vision! If you already have a place in mind, let me know!

Q: What precautions are you taking for Covid-19

A: Senior photos are an important milestone in any teenager’s life, but nothing is more important than health and safety. I have taken the following steps to make my clients feel comfortable booking and shooting with me.

  • I’m not shooting any sessions before June 1st, which is hopefully long after the stay at home order is lifted. At that time, I will still practice any safe social distancing measures that are recommended by the CDC and the state of Minnesota
  • In all of my contacts there is an Impossibility Clause that states that if I am unable to shoot a session, my clients will be refunded. Restrictions pertaining to the coronavirus would be included in this clause.
  • I’m currently keeping my books closed Mid-August through September. This way I have room to reschedule any shoots are they canceled due to the coronavirus. I never book seniors on the weekends, but I will be will to change that if it became necessary.

Q: How do I book a session?

A: Reach out through my Connect Page! We will work together to figure out the date and senior photo package that works best for you. Once that is decided, I will send a proposal to you or your parents to be signed to secure your spot!

Q: What happens if my session is rained out?

A: If we have to cancel you session due to weather related reason, can be rescheduled for a later date. If there is no other date that works in either of our calendars, your retainer will be refunded.