Hey, 2021 seniors! I’m looking for my next class of Senior Representatives to chill with me this summer!

If selected, Senior Representatives will win any of my three senior packages for only $50!!! A savings of up to $300!!!

What does it mean to be a Senior Representative?

Senior Representatives are fun, energetic, and involved up-coming seniors in high school who will have access to exclusive photography deals. We will work together to create the perfect senior shoot that shows each senior’s individual personality. The more creative, the better! I can’t wait to collaborate!

Conditions to being a Senior Representative

  • be a current high school junior graduating in 2021
  • be available to shoot your senior session before July 1st
  • agree to ONLY represent Alison Joleeen photography and use these images as your senior photos.
  • be excited to share about your photos and experience with friends and family.
  • have your parents or legal guardian (if you are not 18) agree.
  • live in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area

Does this sound like you? Fill out the form below!

Application coming soon…

*Please note that there will be a limited number of Senior Representatives selected. The number varies every year depending on the diversity of applicants. BUT. Those not selected will still receive 10% OFF their shoot if they choose to book with me! So there is no reason not to apply 🙂